Holidays at Buena Vida Estates are Lots of Fun!

During Christmas time, our community has many events and activities going on to put us all in the holiday spirit. We had some families stop by for our Christmas party and to our delight, Mr. and Mrs. Claus paid us all a visit. Our residents enjoyed music, dancing, and plenty of food. We decorated not [...]

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Featured Resident: John Weatherly

John Weatherly is from the area of Canterbury, England and considers himself to be “one of the Canterbury Tales.” He arrived in Melbourne, Florida 50 years ago when he had the opportunity to work for Harris. He worked for Harris for 9 years and when he finished there he decided to go to Brevard Community [...]

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The Financial Security of a CCRC Increases Your Peace of Mind and Joy of Living

The active, independent lifestyle benefits of living in a licensed continuing care retirement community (CCRC) like Buena Vida Estates is extremely appealing. But equally important are the financial benefits. These compelling financial advantages provide the fundamental peace of mind that frees our residents to enjoy everything about their retirement lifestyle more fully. Save on tomorrow’s [...]

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How to Prepare Your Parents for Independent Living

Coming to the realization that your parents may no longer be capable of adequately caring for themselves can be an extremely stressful experience for adult children. These are the people you’ve relied on your entire life, the rocks who you turned to for help, not the other way around. This difficult experience is shared by [...]

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4 Steps to Choosing the Right Retirement Community

You have decided independent living in a retirement community is a great option for you, or for a loved one. What now? The next step to take is finding the retirement community that will best meet your requirements. Not all retirement communities are created equal, which is why you must do your research before making [...]

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Retirement is Anything but Boring!

One of the most difficult things about moving into a retirement home is leaving behind your home, especially if it’s a home you have lived in for many years and made so many memories in. This was true for Joseph and Bianca. Or at least, that is what the couple thought would be true prior [...]

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Resident Spotlight: Larry and Peggy

What makes Buena Vida Estates the obvious choice in choosing a place to retire? Larry and Peggy first visited Buena Vida Estates for a guest lunch in the Buena Vida dining room. Their first visit made such a positive and lasting impression that they decided to come back to take a complete tour of the [...]

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