10 Questions to Ask About CCRCs

There are many things to consider when deciding where to live as a senior. Among them are location, quality, amenities, contract terms, price, and care services. While the internet has made researching CCRCs, or Continuing Care Retirement Communities, much easier, still the lists of features can seem overwhelming. To decide the best option for your [...]

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Examining the True Costs of Aging in Place

the true costs of aging in place vs ccrc According to a 2018 AARP survey, 76% of American adults ages 50 and up hope to keep living in their current homes until they can't. Nearly just as many—77%—wanted to remain in their current communities as long as humanly possible. The survey found a [...]

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Adult Children’s Views on Aging Parents

Seniors usually consult with their loved ones before deciding to move to a continuing care retirement community. It's certainly a big decision that can generate strong responses. In particular, grown children often feel the need to raise their opinions about the matter. Most adult children feel obligated to take care of their aging parents. They [...]

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