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Retirement should be worry-free so life can be enjoyed to the fullest.

At Buena Vida Estates, residents maintain independent and healthy lifestyles, build long-lasting relationships, and partake in rewarding programs; above all else they enjoy peace of mind.

Buena Vida is the only Continuing Care Retirement Community in Brevard. Here, the residents know that their future is secure, and that they’ll receive consistent and graduating levels of care as they need it. The Good Life philosophy of worry-free living resonates throughout our community. Come and see for yourself!

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Kind Words About Buena Vida Estates

Bonding seems to be contagious at Buena Vida. Thus, my wariness has turned to trust that we’ll be well take care of. Everyone whom I have listed, plus unseen others have certainly cared for and about us.


Thank you and all your team members for the lovely time had by all at the Town Hall meeting. The ‘surprise’ gift is appreciated. This is the place I want to live for the rest of my life. Thanks to you all the staff and all the friends (family) here.

BJ Shorey

“WMHR was spotless, the food is excellent – even the puréed food that George eventually needed smelled and tasted so flavorful! The care was wonderful as the nurses were so attentive to George’s needs throughout his stay.”

Mary Lou, Resident

“I moved to Buena Vida Estates in May 2019. I was in excellent health but was tired of taking care of my home. I had passed Buena Vida often but did not know what the building was. One day I was invited to an event at Buena Vida. I walked in and thought ‘Oh, this place is beautiful!'”

Jan B., Resident

“I cannot say enough about how friendly, caring, and supportive the residents and staff are. It is a wonderful community that really does feel like a family. I spent five weeks with my parents at Buena Vida and was able to experience first-hand what it was like to become a part of the community.”

Karin, Family Member
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