Buena Vida Estates Celebrates the Good Life since 1982!

In September 2019,  Buena Vida Estates celebrated our 37th year with a newly renovated interior design along with a renovated entrance. We welcomed our community leaders and businesses as well as friends and families of our residents. Over 400 people attended our celebration; attendees enjoyed the entertainment and food offered as they fostered wonderful friendships!

Olive, a long-time resident, stated, “Living here has been lovely, happy, easy, and so very nice. I recognize all the hard work that it takes to make this happen”.

Another resident shared, “Why Buena Vida? It enables me to live independently, yet have a built-in family to share everyday living with, including when a crisis occurs.”

The Buena Vida resident continued, ” I can do as I please. I can drive my car if I choose or take the van to get to appointments or social activities. I can eat my meals in-house or out.  I can clean my unit or let the housekeeping staff keep the essential portions of my home clean. Buena Vida allows me to live my life on my terms, with the comfort of nearby assistance if desired!”

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