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Alda Butler

Alda Butler is Buena Vida’s featured resident for November.  Alda enjoyed a long career working for a submarine refurbishing company. The company she worked for refurbished all of the submarines for the Navy fleet. While working for this company, she decided to go back to college for her bachelor's degree in 1979. She later [...]

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Hurricane Preparedness at Buena Vida Estates

Hurricane season is a scary time for everyone, but it can be especially scary when you have an elderly relative that lives alone or if you are the elderly individual. 49% of people who perish during hurricanes are over the age of 75. According to the American Red Cross, the fatality rate is so high [...]

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Featured Resident – Joan Sayyah

Joan Sayyah is a woman of heart and true lover of others. With her husband in the military, Joan was constantly on the move not only in housing but also in whatever community she came to. Joan moved to Naples, Italy back in 1966 and taught in a military school there for 4 years before [...]

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