Buena Vida Celebrates the Holidays

The holidays are a very special time of year, and the same can be said of holidays at Buena Vida. There are decorated trees all over the community and parties to bring everyone together. Recently, residents were treated to carriage rides to help keep the Christmas cheer in the air. This has become an annual [...]

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Featured Residents: Nancy, Sandy, and Pat

A friendship that has spanned more than 40 years, deeply rooted in a love of the arts, has now reunited in Melbourne, Florida. Buena Vida residents Nancy and Pat met around 1970 while living and teaching in Miami. They were both teachers and each had a creative spirit. They met mutual friend Sandy, and the [...]

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Featured Resident: Terence Slane

Terence “Terry” Slane has his sister to thank for introducing him to the Buena Vida “Good Life”. His sister Christina O’Shea (featured in an earlier article) invited Terry to visit, they would have dinner often and eventually he decided to make Buena Vida his home too. Born in 1929 in New York City to European [...]

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Featured Resident: Christina O’Shea

When we talk about Living the Good Life at Buena Vida that’s something resident Christina O’Shea will attest she is actively doing. Christina was born in 1923 in England. Her parents moved the family to New York City when she was young. Her NYC neighborhood was so diverse, because no one was native to America [...]

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Fitness in the Good Life

Fitness Instructor Joanne Puglia The health and wellness of Buena Vida residents is in strong hands thanks to exercise enthusiast and instructor Joanne Puglia. Joanne has been part of the Buena Vida community for over ten years.  She was introduced to the good life by a client, and once she entered the front [...]

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Living the Good Life Around the Globe

Buena Vida is a slice of paradise - everything you need to live the best life possible is all in one place! Our residents are still as active as ever and love to explore the rest of the world. The Heine’s couple is a prime example of this. Their love of travel and desire [...]

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Featured Resident: Nancy Eller [video]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghQNLUGAvG4 Not many can say they have touched thousands of lives, but for Nancy Eller that number is no exaggeration. Her passion for music began at age four when her mother enrolled her in weekly piano lessons. Her wish for a flute came true on her birthday while she was in the 5th grade.  [...]

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