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Fitness Instructor Joanne Puglia

The health and wellness of Buena Vida residents is in strong hands thanks to exercise enthusiast and instructor Joanne Puglia. Joanne has been part of the Buena Vida community for over ten years.  She was introduced to the good life by a client, and once she entered the front door she knew she was joining something special.

Joanne has always had a passion for helping retirees maintain an active lifestyle. She teaches classes on weekdays and has recently added Chair Yoga to the menu of fun exercise options for residents. Joanne is a Certified Yoga & Chair Yoga Instructor, Certified Senior Fitness Specialist and a Certified Personal Trainer.

“I empower residents in a compassionate and motivating way,” she says. “We work hard but we have fun. It’s a relaxed atmosphere.”

Joanne’s focus is on the overall health of the residents. She spends much of her time researching movements and activities to implement into her classes. She’s always on the lookout for exercises that will target a person’s strength, flexibility, and balance.

In her classes, residents learn to listen to their bodies and abilities. She is a firm believer in adjusting movements to each individual’s needs. Joanne’s philosophy states that being active should be challenging, but not difficult.

“If it doesn’t feel right then don’t do it,” she says. “There’s always options in movement. My classes are fun because I encourage participants to do what they can, don’t worry about what they can’t do. I want all our residents to come and try.”

And the workouts aren’t just affecting residents. As much as she teaches residents about movement, Joanne says that she’s learning and stretching along with them. “I learn more from the residents than they learn from me,” she says. “Your mood shifts after fitness. Our residents are so appreciative and kind, it’s impossible not to love being here.”

Classes are open to all residents, and Joanne loves to see everyone participating as much as they can, especially couples. Even if only for part of a session, a little bit of time spent on these exercises can make a big difference.

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