Living in a CCRC Is Good for Seniors’ Mental Health and Wellbeing

Buena Vida Estates residents smiling about their mental health and wellbeingMost people are familiar with the physical benefits of CCRC living, but the mental health benefits are equally important for seniors. A CCRC-type community can have a significant emotional and social impact on its residents. 

Mental Health is Not Taboo

Many seniors don’t report symptoms of depression and anxiety. This is due to the longstanding stigma around mental health issues, especially among certain generations. Many older people were taught that showing too much emotion was a sign of weakness and that many symptoms of anxiety and depression were “all in your head.”

But we now know that mental health conditions are not something to discount or ignore, and just like high blood pressure or diabetes, these conditions are treatable.

CCRCs Offer Many Mental Health-Boosting Opportunities

There are a number of healthy tactics to help combat anxiety and depression. Taking care of your body, exercising, and connecting with friends are great places to start. 

In addition to standard activities and programs, which can help alleviate stress, Buena Vida Estates offers other mental health-boosting opportunities to residents, which include:

While these activities are fun, they also keep CCRC residents active, happy, and healthy. Senior wellness programming offers opportunities for residents to actively engage with others –– avoiding the sedentary, lonely lifestyle that is common among seniors.

The Benefits

With more physical activity, and less anxiety and loneliness, residents experience benefits to both their minds and their bodies. Seniors living in CCRCs report higher life satisfaction, better mood, less stress, and feel like they have better control over their lives. 

Sometimes we forget ​​just how important it is to remain physically active and socially connected to others, and CCRCs allow their residents to do just that.

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