Embracing the Idea of Moving to a Retirement Community

smiling couple at buena vida estatesAs we age, our lives are enriched by a lifetime of experiences and learning. This treasure trove of knowledge, known as crystallized intelligence, includes a combination of book smarts and street smarts that allow us to retrieve and apply information to new and different situations.

For older adults, crystallized intelligence is a huge asset. The more time we spend on this earth, the more experience, knowledge, and skills we can apply to new circumstances, making us just as capable of learning and changing as younger people.

And it’s never too late to learn something new – whether it’s another language, a sport, or an instrument. Lifelong learning has been shown to benefit older adults’ mental and physical well-being. That’s why opportunities to learn (through classes, seminars, outings, and more) are often key elements of retirement communities.

Considering Downsizing and Moving to a Retirement Community?

As people weigh their senior living options, remaining in your current home can be tempting – many of us find comfort in the familiar. However, it’s essential to draw on your crystallized intelligence as you weigh your senior living choices. What life experiences might tip the scales toward downsizing to a smaller home or moving to a retirement community?

Maybe you witnessed your aging parents struggle with home upkeep or saw a grandparent move from one family member’s home to another due to caregiving responsibilities. These experiences might influence your senior living choices, highlighting the potential benefits of a retirement community.

Making Informed Decisions About Senior Living

Older adults are often better at setting, sticking to, and achieving goals, especially those related to intrinsic values like family relationships, health, and well-being. Life experiences can motivate decisions to move to a retirement community. 

For example, cleaning out your parents’ home after they passed away might inspire you to declutter and downsize, ensuring you don’t burden your children. Or witnessing a loved one being shuffled from home to assisted living to skilled nursing facilities might motivate you to choose a continuing care retirement community (CCRC), which offers a full continuum of care services and allows you to stay in one place.

Is Moving to a Retirement Community Right for You?

Moving to a retirement community won’t be right for everyone, but it’s worth considering. Take the time to learn about what various types of retirement communities offer. Weigh the potential benefits of moving versus staying in your existing home, considering how it aligns with your financial situation and personal goals.

You might find that once you gather this information, factoring in your life experiences and crystallized intelligence, you’re ready to change your mind about senior living. At Buena Vida Estates, we believe that moving to a retirement community offers a chance to start a new chapter in life, live with more freedom, meet new friends, and increase overall wellness. Embrace the possibilities and see how a retirement community could enrich your life.

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