Richard Bustelo has been an avid pianist for over 50 years and his tune didn’t change when moving to Buena Vida estates. What started as a way for Richard pass time in 6th grade has evolved into a lifelong pursuit of creating and playing beautiful music. His favorite genres of piano music to play vary. Whether he’s playing classical or jazz, Richard loves being able to share his passion for music with fellow residents at Buena Vida Estates.

After living at Buena Vida Estates for over two years, Richard continues to play daily. He and his wife Nancy enjoy the endless variety of events that Buena Vida has to offer residents. And not to sound like a broken record, but his personal favorite is having unlimited access to a gorgeous grand piano. There are no limits to how much music he can make at Buena Vida. Richard loves being able to be part of the vibrant Buena Vida Family and continue to pursue his oldest and dearest pastime: playing piano (and all that jazz).