Featured Resident – Joe Cataldo

Joe Cataldo began his adult life working in manufacturing in New York. This would take a huge turn from machinery to marathoning when he eventually moved to the Space Coast in 2004. Joe always had a passion for running, and would complete up to 10 miles in a day. He has run 40 NYC marathons, and over 100 half marathons! 

After retiring at 65, he would go on to turn one of his passions into a new hobby and a way to help others reach their goals.  At this point, Joe was awarded his personal training certification, and became a personal trainer. His focus was on elderly people in need of assisted living. He would do group trainings in order to spread his knowledge and training to a larger audience. 

He chose to move to Buena Vida because of the many ways to stay active and healthy. He was especially drawn to the chef-prepared food. Before food reaches the tables, it is approved by a dietitian, and is all prepared in-house. This ensures that residents like Joe can retain their healthy lifestyles after moving in. 

Another draw to Buena Vida is the on-site fitness center. For those like Joe where fitness has always been an essential part of their lives, residents are able to keep up their routine workouts and retain their hobbies. 

Joe has become very involved with Buena Vida and frequently attends different classes and bible studies. There are many different fitness classes to choose from that entice residents like Joe, or residents that are trying to learn more about fitness.


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