Resident Story – Mary Lou and George

testimonial from mary louMary Lou and George moved to Buena Vida Estates in 2013. Totally independent, both Mary Lou and George participated in activities they didn’t have in their home, like bocce ball, shuffleboard, bridge, and other card games.

Slowly, Mary Lou started noticing George was showing memory loss signs. She started noticing and seeing a difference. George still enjoyed socializing and talking with other residents in the common areas and in the dining room. He loved sharing and talking about his ancestry and the family farm. The socialization was important for Mary Lou as well. As George progressed, she had support and “community” with residents who had become friends over the years.

The Continuing Care Promise

Fast forward to the end of 2023, George needed rehab and eventually skilled nursing. As a part of the Continuing Care Contract, George was at West Melbourne Health and Rehab, Buena Vida’s partner for skilled nursing. Mary Lou says that the care was “extraordinary”! WMHR was spotless, the food is excellent – even the puréed food that George eventually needed smelled and tasted so flavorful! The care was wonderful as the nurses were so attentive to George’s needs throughout his stay.

Mary Lou has visited other Buena Vida residents who have spent time at WMHR. She has noticed such a difference in the level of care and building maintenance lately. Mary Lou said the atmosphere is credited to the management staff currently running this facility. Ms. Caiati has made a difference in her ability to turn a facility around over the years in skilled nursing administration. Mary Lou said the care George received was the whole human – whether he was aware or not!

Mary Lou and George came to Buena Vida Estates for the “total Experience” and after 11 years as residents, Mary Lou said the joy of the first nine years and the care of the last two have been exactly what they had hoped for.

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Resident Story – Mary Lou and George

Today we want to shine a spotlight on an 11-year experience at Buena Vida Estates. A true testament to our continuing care promise and the quality of care received at Buena Vida Estates and with our partners.

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