Resident Spotlight: Larry and Peggy

What makes Buena Vida Estates the obvious choice in choosing a place to retire? Larry and Peggy first visited Buena Vida Estates for a guest lunch in the Buena Vida dining room. Their first visit made such a positive and lasting impression that they decided to come back to take a complete tour of the community. Further pleased, they made multiple trips with each of their children to show them Buena Vida as well.

After taking the time to discuss it, Larry and Peggy decided to put their names on the Waitlist, and this commitment motivated them to get to know the community of Buena Vida Estates better by visiting a few more times. The two wanted to get to know the residents of Buena Vida and get a better idea of what their lives were like living there. Larry and Peggy had some fantastic dinners during their visits, and on some occasions the couple even joined the residents of Buena Vida Estates for a few Friday afternoon parties!

Larry and Peggy recall, “At one of the parties, a resident whispered, ‘Don’t wait too long.’ With that wise warning, and getting to know some obviously satisfied residents better, we decided to make the move.”

Fast forward to seven months later, the couple couldn’t be happier with their decision to move into Buena Vida Estates. The two relish their Friday afternoon music, which gives them the opportunity to enjoy their time in the company of new friends. The couple states “We’ve danced more in the past six months than in the previous six years. Looking back on that moment, we felt the acceptance and relaxation of knowing we were home. This family continues to grow as new residents arrive.”

The move to Buena Vida Estates was the obvious choice for Peggy and Larry. The couple, now in their 70s, are in good health, living in a place where they fit in and have made wonderful friendships. The move also gives peace of mind to the couple’s children, who have their own careers and families. Knowing their parents are living in a community where they will be well cared for and able to enjoy their golden years is a huge comfort to them. The move to Buena Vida just made sense. Larry and Peggy stated with gratitude, “Buena Vida Estates fulfills its mission for seniors, being here is good.”

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