Featured Residents: Jan


Jan knew she wanted to honor her father and her family history in a lasting way. This desire led to researching her genealogy and her father’s military history – which all led to the book she wrote about her father, Lt. Col. Kenneth J Rupp’s legacy. 

Jan grew up in Indianapolis, worked in social service, and always had a passion for genealogy. After her parents passed away Jan and her sister found a notebook her father kept that detailed his military service and experiences. This included photos and writings, which Jan and her sister felt could be of benefit to a museum so they donated it to a military museum. 

Jan continued on in her drive to compile her family history, centered around her father, to be able to share with her children and future generations. She knew to complete her book she’d need that notebook she donated to the museum years prior. After calling and going to the museum, with multiple people searching with no luck in finding it, someone finally found “a book” in a box in storage. Jan knew this was her father’s book and could complete her work.

After living in the Space Coast area for a while and driving by Buena Vida Estates many times, she decided to check it out. She found it unlike any other “nursing home” she had ever seen or heard about and moved in. 

In 2020 Jan finished her book, which includes family history, experiences, photos and more and is proud to have a lasting legacy to share with her grandchildren and beyond. Jan loves living the Good Life at Buena Vida Estates! 

Buena Vida Estates can offer you a comprehensive CCRC option where you can maintain independent living with an assurance that you will always have the level of care you need without having to move. Contact us today to see what we have to offer!

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